1056 – 1089 42nd Traverse

The first order of business was to get to our safety briefing with the Taumarunui Canoe Company. This mainly involved showing us pictures of things we will run into (preferably not) on the Whanganui journey.

After that we went back into town and started for Owhango and the beginning of the 42nd Traverse.

The day was  magnificent with clear skies, views of Mt Doom, and snow on Ruapehu.

 To hot for me to be walking on the road though. At the Owhango 39 CafĂ© I drank a ginger beer, peach drink, and a powerade in quick succession before I felt normalish.

Thus far it looks like the 42nd Traverse will be a lot easier than expected. What was in the notes a 3 to 4 day hike is looking like it will be a 2 day hike. That sort of screws up the planning somewhat but since I have booked the river journey already there is little I can do about it now.

It should improve my odds of surviving the 42nd Traverse though as we have passed 3 goat and 3 deer hunters so far. 

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