1146 – 1165 National Park 

Slept in for a while and then started out around the base of Ruapehu (hidden by cloud) until hitting the Whakapapaiti Stream and then turned down toward National Park village.

I get the feeling that in general people build tracks to suck people in. They start off nice and then degrade the further you get from the entrances.

This track followed the same system but on the whole it was pretty good apart from the mud.

Either way, it was a short day and I am now at the YHA in National Park.


  • The dairy at National Park is quite expensive. Some people hitched back to Taumaranui and did shopping there.
  • My pool skills have not improved.
  • Having drinks with ten people in your room at the YHA may be fun but it can also annoy the neighbours.
  • There is a climbing gym at the YHA.

Route Maps

These maps are for interest only. The current maps are available at Te Araroa Trust’s website and are updated each September with the most current route.

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