1201 – 1218 Whakahoro 

Short day and easy walking along the road which must be very hard to keep open.

It only took us about 4hrs to get to Whakahoro and there is a cafe there….although it seems to have curiously little food.

Zero day tomorrow and then we are going to start on the canoe journey.


  • Booking our canoes gave us a timeline….for good or bad.
  • Ask what they are serving before they serve it. Dinner at the Blue Duck Cafe cost us $20 each and we still haven’t figured out what it was.
  • There is internet at the cafe but is is expensive.
  • Some hikers are driven to continue and rile at any delay.

Route Maps

These maps are for interest only. The current maps are available at Te Araroa Trust’s website and are updated each September with the most current route.

2 Replies to “1201 – 1218 Whakahoro ”

  1. Hi tane,
    Do you start the canoe trip from Whakahoro, or do you head further along the Wanganui river?
    How many days to Whanganui?
    All the best

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