2648 – 2676 Queenstown

Yet another late start but this time due to breakfast at a café.

The walk out of Arrowtown was good. The day was bright and beautiful. It wasn’t until later when I crossed paths with the Belgians that I realised I had missed a sign and begun circumnavigating Lake Hayes.

That was pretty much it for walking. The point of the day was to go to Queenstown, buy a Kindle, and then go onto to Glenorcy to do the Routeburn before rejoining Te Araroa.

Hitching was easy. I walked past a ute pulling out of a sideboard and he asked me if I wanted a lift. 

The Kindle mission failed. I had been told in Wanaka that Whitcolls in Queenstown sold them. Whitcolls said Noel Lemmings in Franktown sold them…..bugger.

Queenstown has changed a fair bit since I was last here 30 years ago. Development is everywhere, jets land and take off constantly, roads are packed with traffic, there is nearly always a helicopter in the sky, and people throng the streets. All in all, it’s a frigging nightmare. Couldn’t wait to escape.

Glenorcy, however, is far nicer. Although I could be biased as I stayed in a pub. ’nuff said really.

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