1910 – 1945 St Arnaud 

Left Hunters Hut to go to Red Hills Hut and the day basically consisted of going up and down the valleys of the Red Hills staying above the Upper Motueka River.

There must be and incredible amount of water go through here at times. Some of the side streams we cross are only about four times the size of the stream at home but they have gouged out boulder beds 20-30m wide and 10m deep.

In some ways the track here is more risky that the higher parts with sidling across packed gravel above a long drop being more common than I would have liked. Well. You can’t have everything I suppose.

When we got to Red Hills Hut I was seriously in need of a pie and a beer so I left Silvan there and continued on to St Arnaud meaning to hitch once I hit the road. This was slightly stuffed up by there being no place for cars to safely pull over but I made it eventually. The pie was good.

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    1. Maybe you should come for a walk?

      (Although I am slightly concerned that on my return the barrier will feel shrunken somehow as everything is so large here.)

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