In defence of Donald Trump

I don’t like Donald Trump but then I don’t know him. All I know of him is what has been served to me by the media and what they serve is what makes them money.

I also don’t like it when I find people I know passing around obviously fake pictures. Here is one of Donald Trump burning crosses with the KKK.

In defence of Donald Trump

This was shared by a middle aged woman in New Zealand. The Facebook post she got it from has been shared 18,675 times and that wasn’t even the original image. It was from the 6th of February, 2017.

The original image was created by UK artist Alison Jackson for her book Private. Just because it is art doesn’t make it OK to share without context. And not telling people it is fake is inflammatory and incites people toward racial violence.

It also adds to the narrative around Donald Trump and the KKK. Above is a picture of Donald Trump and his parents. Also fake.

How would you feel if your family had lived through one hundred years of fear of the  KKK? What about seeing your President dancing in front of a burning cross and his parents members of the KKK. How would you feel if you were a member of a racist group? Time to rise up?

How do you think Donald Trump feels?

Do you think his security team looks at a photo like that and starts looking a little closer at every African American male approaching?

Schadenfreude and Donald Trump

Schadenfreude is pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune. It has become a staple on American Political Satire shows. The most common usage of which is to put a bad picture of someone on the screen and make fun of them such as this one from Last Week Tonight.


For some reason we think it is OK to laugh at Trumps fat arse playing tennis and that makes us hypocrites and probably sexist as well. If it was Hillary Clinton there wouldn’t be any jokes about her backside.

But do you know what else it makes us? It makes us arseholes. We are the kid in the playground laughing at the kid who fell over and grazed his knee but in this case we laugh harder as the kid is a prefect and from a rich family. We think he is better than us and that is why we laugh at his misfortune.

Affective and Physiological Markers of Pleasure at Outgroup Misfortunes

People often fail to empathise with out-group members, and sometimes even experience Schadenfreude—pleasure—in response to their misfortunes.

One potent predictor of Schadenfreude is envy. According to the stereotype content model, envy is elicited by groups whose stereotypes comprise status and competitiveness.

These are the first studies to investigate whether stereotypes are sufficient to elicit pleasure in response to high-status, competitive targets’ misfortunes.

Study 1 participants feel least negative when misfortunes befall high-status, competitive targets as compared to other social targets; participants’ facial muscles simultaneously exhibit a pattern consistent with positive affect (i.e., smiling).

Study 2 attenuates the Schadenfreude response by manipulating status and competition-relevant information; Schadenfreude decreases when the target-group member has lowered status or is cooperative. Stereotypes’ specific content and not just individual relationships with targets themselves can predict Schadenfreude.


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2 Replies to “In defence of Donald Trump”

  1. Its the media in general, it is about advertising revenue so it has become about entertainment rather than news. Our media in NZ is (mainly) nothing more than an echo chamber for news aggregators. Even Radio NZ who I used to respect.
    In particular, every single news outlet seems to have a daily Donald Trump funny section. I don’t have a lot of time for him, he should never have been allowed near the nuclear codes, but that’s what happens when your political system is mortally damaged that the only other option for voters was a psychopathic warmonger, proven liar and serial fraudster.

    I don’t know the answer, I can’t advocate for control of the media. That is the opposite of everything I believe in. However the fact that our information services are privately owned by only a handful of people is a grave concern. They have become little more than propagandists for the ruling classes. Our financial system that allows the accumulation of ludicrous amounts of money (which equals power) is the core problem. Until that is addressed, every symptom that arises can be cried over, complained about and energy expended to fix it, but like an uncontrollable bush fire, others will keep popping up until the money system is fixed.

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