Internet on Great Barrier Island

On the 03/06/15 I sent an email to Amy Adams office bemoaning the state of Internet on Great Barrier Island.

Slow Internet on GBI Email

Dear Minister, your government lent over a million dollars to Vodafone
to build a call tower to provide better internet on Great Barrier
Island. The Prime Minister himself came to officially open the tower.

It has not worked. Since the opening of the tower things have gradually
grown worse on the wired network here until this month where I am
having to deal with pings of over a second and a bandwidth graph that
looks like…well like this wwwwwwwwww.

All I want to do is edit the webpage with the
2014 Chairmans Report but I am unable to because wordpress keeps losing
the connection. I am getting nostalgic for the faster days of dial up!

I am sure you will say I should ring Vodafone, but really they don’t
care. They get the money every month and the land network is owned by
Chorus. I could ring Chorus but they don’t care because they get mioney
from Vodafone, so I am calling you.

Please fix the mess that has been made of the Great Barrier Island
telephone system. It shoud have been run in fibre but since Vodafone
got the contract we get dial up for the same amount of money.

Well, that’s my vent. I am unsure whether this will reach you as the
mail server throws password errors a lot due to the bad connection, but
if it does, appreciate your broadband speed.

Tane Harre

And received this reply from Rebecca Kearns.

Rebecca Kearns

Dear Mr Harre

On behalf of Hon Amy Adams, Minister for Communications, thank you
for your email regarding issues with the Rural Broadband Initiative
tower on Great Barrier Island.

The Minister would like to look in to your individual situation and
in order to do so will require your address, if you could please
provide this information it would be much appreciated.

Once your address has been received I will place your correspondence
with the Minister for her consideration and response.

Kind regards

Rebecca Kearns l Private Secretary – Communications l Office of the
Hon Amy Adams | Minister for Communications | | Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Shortly after providing my address I received this reply from Steven Joyce on behalf of Amy Adams.

Steven Joyce

Office of Hon Steven Joyce Minister for Economic Development Minister Responsible for Novopay Minister for Regulatory Reform Associate Minister of Finance Minister of Science and Innovation Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment
2 7 AUG 2015
Mr Tane Harre By email: tane(
Dear Mr Harre
Thank you for your email dated 3 June 2015 to Hon Amy Adams, Minister for Communications regarding Internet on Great Barrier Island and the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI). I have been asked to respond on behalf of the Minister.

I can appreciate the frustration slow and intermittent intenet would cause. The Government is committed to lifting New Zealand’s broadband performance, and the first phase of the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) and RBI programmes is well on its way to delivering faster speeds to 97.8 per cent of New Zealanders by 2020.

I have asked officials to look into the current broadband availability at your address of 139 Mason Road, Great Barrier Island, as well as any future plans for the area. My officials have informed me that the tower providing RBI fixed wireless broadband services will not have affected speeds experienced over fixed wired broadband connections.

Chorus has advised officials that your speeds will be affected by the distance of your location from the cabinet as it is beyond that of the recommended reach. Chorus has further advised that your Internet connection may have slowed due to further connections being added to the cabinet, since you were first connected. Other factors that that affect actual speeds experienced include equipment and software used, a building’s internal wiring, retail service provider plan, as well as how many users are accessing services at the same time. Chorus has confirmed it has no current plans to upgrade this cabinet or extend its reach.

Unfortunately, Vodafone has informed my officials that your location will not be able to receive sufficient signal strength for RBI wireless coverage via its RBI tower. However, TeamTalk is the current third infrastructure provider servicing some of Great Barrier Island. TeamTalk, have advised officials that that even though your location appears to be surrounded by bush, they may be able to offer you a wireless broadband service from its tower. If you wish to enquire further about this possibility you can contact TeamTalk on (04) 978 7321.

Private Bag 18041, Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160, New Zealand. Telephone 64 4 817 6813 Facsimile 64 4 817 6513

Slow Internet - Opening of the Vodafone Tower on GBI
Opening of the Vodafone Tower on GBI

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