Off The Grid Great Barrier Island

Off The Grid Great Barrier Island is a website run by the Aoteaora Trust to promote and inform people on the issues surrounding off the grid living on Great Barrier Island.

There is a huge amount of information to process when deciding to go off the grid. Not only on Great Barrier Island but for the rest of the world as well. Who better to give advice on what works and what doesn’t work than the people who live with off the grid technology every day.

Micro hydroThe website gives information on power generation, power storage, harvesting water, hot water, waste disposal and septic waste disposal. Each subject also includes case studies using real situations on the Island.

It also promotes new technologies such as Lead Carbon batteries and Salt Water batteries and in the future will be adding a blog on the pros and cons of running an electric car on the island.

Since 2015, the Trust has run a yearly event to promote the Island in its technology.

The 2017 event started at the Auckland Bowling Club with speakers on solar power, batteries, water filtration, power systems,  and waste disposal. It then moved on to the Island where the theory became reality with a tour of the Islands solar powered shopping centre, rodent monitoring, off the grid cooking and other workshops.

It then moved onto the Claris Club with presentations from Integrity Solar, CanFarm Energy Solutions, Aqua Synergy Group and Aquanova.

There were tours of homes using off the grid technology with the owners speaking about the pros and cons, solutions and drawbacks.

Finally, on the Sunday, there is a field day with stalls from both locals and off Islanders and plenty of conversation about local sustainability initiatives and solutions.

More can be found out about event by visiting their website or going to the next Off The Grid GBI Event in 2018.

Off The Grid GBI 2015

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