2316 – 2333 Stone Hut

Left Geraldine fully powered by the influence of two pies and a coffee. Actually the pies weren’t that good although the ‘world famous’ venison pie was slightly better than the steak and mushroom.

I should have got the ‘world’s largest burger’ last night but I chickened out. Not even I can justify eating a 2kg pattie for $55 although there was a rumour this morning that if you eat it in under 1/2 an hour you get your money back. But I digress.

Wayne (our driver) is a great guy from Geraldine farming stock so I was forced to bring into play my vast farming knowledge gleaned from Johnny and Christina and various other conversations. Things like this.

“I’ve just got 20 Jersey bulls brought in”

“Core, they’re vicious bastards aren’t they?”

“Yeah. I have to keep them in a different field otherwise they rape the Angus bulls.”

“Mind you, I hear they are worse if there is any blood around”

“Yeah. Bloody terrible then.”

“Of course, birthing blood is OK”

“That’s true. Hey, would you like to see some Tar?”

And so on. After about an hour we got to the trail head and started up Bush Stream, over Crooked Spur and carried on to Stone Hut. Hopefully the weather holds out as tomorrow we go over the highest point of the T.A. at Stag Saddle.


  • I am not a farmer.
  • If you get more people the ride to the trail head becomes cheaper.
  • The hut at Crooked Spur was quite nice.
  • I like the bridge just before Stone Hut.
  • Stone Hut has an outside bath.

Stone Hut

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2307 – 2315 Geraldine

Today was a short day. The wind didn’t blow in the night which was a relief because it meant I had a fantastic sleep. It was probably 8:00am by the time I crawled out of my sleeping bag.

The great thing about today was that we got to go to Edoras from the Lord of the Rings. Otherwise known as Mt Sunday.

It was spectacular. You could look across the river plains and up into the mountains where thick snow glistened blue white. There were quite a few people there which was amazing because the movies were done so long ago (2003). One of the tours gives people fake weapons, very funny.

We were going to  stay the night on the mountain but it became rather windy. Also we had to get around the Rangitata so we decided to hitch out to Geraldine. This proved to be comparatively simple. One car, 60m walking, Geraldine. Insanely lucky.

We also got some advice for getting to the trail head by calling Wayne who would take us up for $150 and then ran into some other T.A. people who would share so the whole ride only cost us $40 each.

Geraldine is nice. I would have liked to stay longer. Plus the backpackers has a guitar. Always a bonus. I sat outside and played it while drinking a glass of wine but for some reason wasn’t very inspired.


  • Mt Sunday is worth going to and due to tourism is easy to hitch from.
  • Rawhiti Backpackers is good and has a piano and guitar.
  • Wayne is from Alps2Ocean.

Geraldine Map

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