2473 – 2501 Ahuriri River

Humans are an interesting species. Apparently very social. This must be true as out of the 4 acres of empty campsite, the French set up right next to me last night and then proceeded to wake up at 6:00am and make a hell of a racket.

It could be said that I didn’t want to get up this morning.

We still left before them.

My compliments to whoever did the tracks around Lake Ohau as they are relatively nice and well kept. 

This one led up a valley and over a pass and then down another valley and then I lost track. By the time I had realized that we hadn’t yet come to the end of the valley we were almost 10kms further on at the Ahuriri river.

Crossing wasn’t a huge problem although we did link arms in anticipation. Downstream to cross one braid and then up to cross two more. Nothing to it. Time for food and bed.

The French have turned up again and decided to camp right next to us. I like them, it is just I would like anybody to be a little further away.


  • The Ahuriri might be a problem if it was raining.
  • If you don’t feel like getting up in the morning, do it anyway.

Ahuriri River Map

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2444 – 2473 Lake Ohau

Just about everything in Twizel is named after McKenzie  (drive, cafe, motors, etc…). This doesn’t detract from the town at all. Twizel, at first visit, has been a fantastic town.

Leaving was a shame but we have to be moving on. Can’t say I am very energetic today but the next stop is only 20kms away (actually it turned out to be 29kms).

On the way to Lake Ohau we passed a salmon farm, some irrigation, and Meridians rowing club.

The lake is nice, with what looks to be quite a variable water level according to the driftwood.

Beside the campground we are staying at is a new development called the Lake Ohau Alpine Village. Very new, quite nice, some amazing views of the lake and the mountains behind it.

Later on we decided to go to dinner at the lodge. It was a little way away so hitchhiking was in order and we got picked up by a nice Chinese couple. They were looking for the lodge as well but somehow we all missed and took an accidental tour up the lake.

There were some other TA hikers as well. We had dinner with them and then drank wine while looking at the view which is pretty much the back side of Mt Cook. There was even a spa pool that the girls availed themselves.


Lake Ohau Map

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