2586 – 2600 Glendhu

Last night was fantastic. It ended at about 10:00pm with Martin (Austrian hemophilia reasearcher) showing us the king of all dances, the slow foxtrot.

I showed him my only dance move, which my grandmother taught me, and he instantly recognised it as the Charleston. I have only another 30 or so moves to go.

The path to Glendu leads around the foreshore and seemed to take forever so by the time I got to Glendu I was fully uninspired by walking.

To add to my malaise, rain was forecast for the next day so I threw my hands up into the air, gave into laziness, and stayed to wait it out.

2560 – 2586 Wanaka

OK, I cheated. I wanted to get to Wanaka quickly to but a kindle and do some shopping so Angelynn and I hitched while Silvan walked.

Although the kindle purchase failed I still consider the idea successful due to having a rest day and buying new underwear and boot creme.

I am unsure whether my boots are going to make the last 500km. There are holes developing and cracks widening. They don’t seem to be handling the constant soaking and drying very well.

Wanaka is a nice town but so many people and so busy we all feel a bit overwhelmed.

Which reminds me…..

Beards. I have always wanted one but have never really had a good shot at growing one until now and that ended today. What annoying things. You can’t eat without food getting in it or chewing on yourself. Soup is a tragedy. Even a drink ends up half in your mouth and half in your moustache. I felt like the Mitchell and Webb moustache skit. So it’s gone and now I have a strange white face. This may take some getting used too.