Te Araroa 2016/2017 Blog and Video roundup

One of the things I did when investigating doing Te Araroa 2016/2017 was go through the old blogs and videos that people had made. Many of the blogs can be found on the website but the videos were a little harder to find. Hopefully having many of them in one place will make it easier for others. It will be nice to look back on as well.

Where helpful I have tried to link to the start of blogs instead of just peoples home page. If anyone runs across ones they think should be added then send me a message in the comments.

Te Araroa 2016/2017


Alex Mason

Alexa Wolf & Andrew Hubbard

Amiththan Sebarajah

Andrea Hidalgo

Anthony Page


Belinda & Tony

Bettina Grotschel

Blair Telford

Brittney & Jacob

Cailean Mac Gillebhrath

Caitlyn Peesker

Camino Te Araroa

Daisy Milton

Dan Lee

Denis Houdek

Erin Saver

Frances Boyson

Gail and Neil Marshall

Hauke & Jule

Henek Tomson

Jasper Jarecki, Sam Bartusek, Will Shepard and Jack Durham

Jasper van der Meij

Joel Henton

Jonathan Moake

Julia Wilmanns and Hauke Gerdes

Karma Forester

Ken Durham (Coach)

Kevin Murphy

Laura Creswell

Creswell Adventures on the Te Araroa from Laura Creswell on Vimeo.

Lindsay Moore

Luna, the Te Araroa hiking unicorn

Lyra Kane

Mark Kerr

Martin Zirkle

Michael Deckebach

Michelle Campbell and Jack Faulkner

Naresh Kumar

Nigel Christmas

Ollie Crudge

Quinn Workun

Quent Zerpo


Red Walks Te Araroa

Rob Wisnouckas

Robin and Chloe


Sandro Koster

Sara Salvaged

Shelley Butt

Stefan Marwick

Mason Bee

Terrestrial Nomad Podcast

Tom Oakley and Luke Abendroth

Warwick Ross

Zachary Jabin


Te Araroa 2016/2017

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