The Barrier Wave

The Barrier Wave is a special thing. And I’m not talking about the surf. I am talking about the way people wave at you as they go past in a car. Some are instantly identifiable by their wave, some are cursory, some are exaggerated, and some are hilarious.

You see it in other parts of the country in rural areas. I have always thought of it as not just a, “Hi! How are you?” but more of a recognition of the other persons existence. I am here, you are here.

It is also very hard to stop doing. When you drive of the ferry at Auckland it usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes to stop automatically waving at everyone. Half because of the weird looks you get and half because your hand gets tired.

I sometimes joke that as I am driving off the edge of the road I’ll probably be waving.

Luke Nola has done a short video on it so I am posting it here to make it a little easier to find in case I ever get homesick. It is a nice slice of Great Barrier Islands population, at a party.

The Barrier Wave

The Barrier Wave – Part 2

The Barrier Wave – Part 3

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  1. Haha… exactly. We can’t help waving to everyone in town – it’s just habit. Then Steve will give someone mowing the verge an exaggerated wave just because…. the looks we get… haha…

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