Who are Thompson and Clark?

Thompson and Clark are in the news again so I thought I would put together a brief primer on who they are. This is by no means a thorough look at them, but more of a brief history of their sins (and ineptitude).

Probably the main thing to take from this is that they have been targeting activists for a long time, sometimes work for the government, and seem unable to learn.

If you have more then send me the links and I will add them on.

I was paid to betray protestors, 27 May 2007

“An Auckland private investigation firm is paying agents to infiltrate and spy on environmental, peace and anti-vivisection groups for its clients, including state-owned enterprise Solid Energy.”

Link to backup article as the original no longer exists.

Solid Energy denies spying on activists, April 20, 2008

“State-owned Enterprises Minister Trevor Mallard says he has sought, and received, an assurance that state-owned coal company Solid Energy has not breached a no-spying directive.”

Link to original article

Taxpayers pay $1m for spies’ sarcasm, Jan 31, 2009

“STATE COAL company Solid Energy is reconsidering its use of the controversial private investigators Thompson and Clark (TCIL) after they were caught out for a second time trying to use paid informers to spy on community groups.”

Link to original article.

Spies target animal rights campaigners, 1st August 2010

“An Auckland private investigation firm has been caught out after it attached a sophisticated tracking device to a political campaigner’s car – but left the device visible from outside the vehicle.”

Link to original article.

Thompson and Clark Investigations, 3rd August 2010

“KEITH LOCKE (Green) to the Minister of Agriculture: Will he ask the Pork Industry Board if they were aware that Thompson and Clark Investigations was collecting information for them on animal rights campaigner Rochelle Rees by means of a tracking device planted under her car; if not, why not?”


Aotearoa Independent Media Centre, 26 August 2012

“Christchurch Police have been accused of corruption by deliberately obstructing a recent investigation into a complaint about ex police detective and co-director of Provision Security Ltd and Thompson & Clark Investigations Ltd, Nick Thompson.”

Link to backup of article.

Greenpeace says it has caught spies in the act, 10 August 2017

“Greenpeace claims it has caught spies in the act of tracking its staff and supporters and compiling detailed dossiers.”

Original article.

Southern Response spying ‘totally inappropriate’, 12 March 2018

“Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has described Southern Response’s use of a security firm to spy on earthquake insurance claimants as inappropriate, and warned government departments must not do the same.”

Original article.

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    1. Are these work numbers? If not can you repost without personal info involved as I am also an advocate of privacy and that cuts both ways.

      I suppose I should update the list to include the latest debacle as well 🙂

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